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Discover the magic of the Kilkenny's Medieval Mile on this superb MIS-guided tour. Far from your average stroll around a city, on this fun-filled tour you will visit castles, merchants home’s, and historic buildings throughout this historic city. You will hear about the Greatest Knight who ever lived, and also learn about Kilkenny's Famous witch. Packed full of fun facts and turn of phrase origins, history, and even some magic tricks, this walking tour brings the stories of Kilkenny City to life

Offering the perfect mix of history, fun facts, magic effects, the Shenanigans Walking tour of Kilkenny City is one of Ireland’s best walking tours, and offers entertaining adventure along "Ireland’s Medieval Mile".

A Journey Through Ireland's Medieval Mile


Beginning close to Kilkenny Castle - arguably one of the top things to do on Ireland's Anceint East, this walking tour magical journey through the streets of Irelands Medieval Mile. The medieval mile includes Kilkenny Castle, St. Canice’s Cathedral, and one of Ireland's most famous round towers. Weave a path through the city’s narrow streets and corridors, with the stories and history of Kilkenny’s famous landmarks such as Rothe House (Ireland only surviving merchants home), Kytelers’ Inn (Home of Kilkenny’s witch), Smithwick’s brewery and much more. Become a member of the Shenanigans tribe “Shenanigators” and learn our Celtic ROAR to ward off enemies and welcome home friends. Learn about the “Greatest Knight” who ever lived, the Monks, Normans, Celts and Kilkenny’s Witch all who lived in the city and county.

Learn Iconic Phrase Origins

You will also find out the origin of many turns of phrase such as…….

“The Stinking Rich” , and why Kilkenny people are known as “The Cats"!.


Shenanigans Walks is not just filled with information and dates, it is an exciting tour that engages our guests through history, stories, fun and interesting facts. As skilled magicians, our guides use their skills to read minds and test to see who in your group is a witch and maybe even make a bottle of beer disappear.

With a blend of comedy, history, magic and good old Irish humour, this is going to be one of the highlights of your visit to Kilkenny.

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