Cork Food Tour

What can I expect
  • Explore the Rebel County.
  • Indulge in vibrant ingredients.
  • Stroll through lively streets.
  • Come face to face with famous landmarks.
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Starting at Cork Opera House the tour will continue down the winding streets of the medieval city which are home to a wide range of food venues. Hearing history and tasting culture visitors will sample Irish produce crafted by the finest chefs.

The group will stop at three different culinary locations and savour a starter, main, and dessert to gain a full prespective on local skills and delights. This gives guests the opportunity to experience the city in an exciting and interactive way.


By joining a knowledgeable guide visitors will not only journey through the food scene at Cork, but the special hertiage and tales that exists in the area. Live commentary during the adventure will bring the county to life while making it memorable.

Tour highlights...

  • River Lee.
  • Cork Opera House.
  • Medieval Galway Cork.
  • Wild Irish Salmon on Soda Bread.
  • Grass-Fed, Dry-Aged Steak.
  • Baileys Cheese Cake.
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