City Breaks in Ireland

Ireland is famous for it's green fields and beautiful countryside but Ireland's cities are just as unique and inspiring. Enjoy the best of Irish culture, entertainment, cuisine and craic on an Irish City Break.

Dublin at dusk


Dublin's history is as much about struggle, oppression and determination as it is about  writers, poets and musicians. The city is filled with excellent attractions which will help you explore all aspects of a rich and colourful history on a City Break you'll never forget.

Cork city with river in foreground


VIsit the beautiful city of Cork and discover a city of culture and charm like no other. With some incredible restaurants, theatres, an Opera House and the friendliest pubs and cafés in Ireland. Cork on the River Lee is a must see!

Take a trip to the capital city Dublin, home to 1.5 million people and the centre of industry and politics. Dublin is home to some of Irelands best restaurants and cafe's, not to mention pubs and the world famous Temple Bar district.

Cork is known as Real Capital of Ireland (mostly by people who are from Cork) and is located in the south of the country. It is a beautiful city that feels altogether less hectic than Dublin and with some of Ireland's tourist hotspots located nearby it's a great place to set up base for your Irish holiday or to spend a couple of days on a city break.


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