Kilkenny City Breaks

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Shenanigan's Walking Tours

Uncover the history of Kilkenny City with a MIS-guided adventure on one of the most fun-filled tours around. With a perfect blend of comedy, story-telling, and cheeky Irish humour, you will have serious fun on these walking tours!


Insta-Shenanigan's Walking Tour

Tour Kilkenny in a unique way to see the real character of the city. This walking tour with a professional local photographer introduces you to the culture and charm hidden away down special nooks and laneways throughout the city.

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Black Abbey

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Butler House & Gardens

church in kilkenny, ireland

Medieval Mile Museum

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Smithwicks Experience

river and castle in kilkenny ireland

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny is a city with two very different sides. By day it is one of the most quaint and picturesque cities in Ireland, filled with fascinating cultural landmarks and visitor attractions as well as beautiful cafés, shops and eateries, but by night it is a party hotspot, with a hugely popular nightlife provided by an abundance of pubs, nightclubs and live music venues that attracts visitors from around Ireland as well as overseas. Kilkenny is a medieval city surrounded by an ancient medieval wall. It is located in the East of the country, just a 90 minute drive from Dublin. At the heart of the city is the stunning 12th Century Kilkenny Castle, and many buildings from the city's rich history are still standing such as the 14th Century Dominican Black Abbey and the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, built beside a 9th century round. The town boasts many high end fashionalbe shops and lots of beautiful craft shops and galleries. There are many options for the culturally curious in Kilkenny. To learn of the history of the city you can visit St. Mary's Medieval Mile Museum, For a taste of contemporary Irish craft and design visit The National Design & Craft Gallery, and to learn the history of and sample Ireland's most popular Ale you can visit The Smithwicks Experiene. These and many more fabulous tourist attractions await you at Kilkenny City!

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