Teresa's Tours of Slieve League - Pilgrim Path Hike

What can I expect
  • Travel through a special location in Ireland.
  • Gain fantastic views of many counties.
  • Discover 6th Century ruins.
  • Set out on a fulfilling journey.
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The Slieve League cliffs stand 1,972 feet above sea level and form part of the Appalachian Trail which also includes the United States and Canada. This incredible place proposes a uniqe experience as well as a breathtaking hiking trail.

Not only will explorers discover fantastic views but they'll pass by ruins of Aodh Mhic Breicne's 6th Century Church and learn the interesting stories surrounding the site.

By hiking the country's and one of Europe's highest accessible marine cliffs, visitors will gain a true sense of achievement and fantastic memories. It is advised to bring a camera to capture special moments, hiking boots and waterproof gear for a comfortable adventure, and some food and water to keep energy levels up!


  • Duration 3 hours.
  • It is advised to dress appropriately.
  • Pack food and water.
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