Atlantic Coastal Cruises - Sliabh Liag Cliffs Tour

What can I expect
  • See the Sliabh Liag Cliffs
  • Encounter variety of marine wildlife along the way
  • Exquisite wildlife
  • Discover the beauty of the Atlantic Coast
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Climb on board the vessel that will depart from Killybegs Harbour in Donegal and travel to the base of the Sliabh Liag Cliffs.

This is an experience where you get to see landscapes that you can only see from being on the water.

There is also an on-board bar service for the expedition.


Some points of interest along the way include;

Rotten Island Lighthouse

St. Johns Point Lighthouse

Drumanoo Head

Fintra Beach

Muckross Head

The Giants Desk and Chair

Europe's highest accessible sea cliffs

A variety of caves & waterfalls




Albacore Tuna

Bottle nose Dolphin

Common Seal

Grey Seal

Harbour Porpoise

Minke Whale

And much more.


Tour duration - 1 hour 45 minutes


Pets are allowed as long as they do not interfere with other passenegers


Wheelchair accessible


Free drink included in the price for senior tickets (65 years and over)

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