Titanic Trail Cobh

What can I expect
  • Walking tour in Cobh
  • Irish pier where Titanic passengers departed from
  • Convict transportation
  • Informative tour about Cork's connections to Titanic

Join the Titanic trail for an informative tour about the historic town of Cobh in County Cork as it has a long and fascinating maritime history.


This tour is designed by a local historian so you will avoid wasting time wandering aimlessly with this great guided tour.


You will see many sights around the town including original buildings and piers associated with Titanic.


Visit St. Colman's Cathedral and the Titanic Monument, two important sights in Cobh.


Learn about the connections that Cobh has to the Titanic and Lusitania and about the millions of Irish who emigrated from Ireland on ships from its port.


cathedral beside water behind row of colourful houses

Tour duration - 1 Hour


Guided walking tour in Cobh


Please dress appropriately - Irish weather has a reputation for changing quickly and is possible to experience all seasons in one day so please dress accordingly.

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