Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking

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  • Experience breathtaking scenery
  • Horse and Pony Trekking Tour through the Wicklow Mountains
  • Horses and Ponies Suited for All Riders
  • Truly unforgettable experience
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Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking

Join the family run stables which are set in the heart of the unspoiled scenery of the Wicklow Mountains.

The maguire farm which runs along the Kings River on the lower side while on the higher side there are rust coloured bogs and granite stoned wall farmed fields which make for an extraordinary landscape.


man on horse beside water


Riders and experienced or novice can enjoy riding over this hidden landscape which follows St. Kevins way, which is that ancient pilgrim walk that leads to Glendalough.

Guided along by local instructors who have extensive knowledge of the history and nature of the area.

Horse and Pony Trekking is a great way to see the spectacular scenery of Wicklow.


What awaits you:

Rise through ancient forests and meadows, soaking in the beauty of untouched nature

The horses and ponies are the epitome of calm and well-behaved which is suitable for all riders.

Perfect for families, couples or solo adventurers, the treks cater to all!

All-weather adventures - the treks are all year-round so you can explore Wicklow's splendor in any season.


Hollywood trekking centre can be found just 15 minutes from Glendalough on the Wicklow gap road or by coming off N81 at Hollywood and continuing for 5 minutes on up the gap road.


horses going down brown trail

Tour duration - 1/1.5 Hours depending on speed


Location - Bishopsland, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare


Tour suited for all levels of horse riding

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