Tom Crean Brewery & Centenary Expedition Tour

What can I expect
  • Enjoy a mix of personal and famous stories.
  • Learn the secrets behind brewing craft beer.
  • Taste samples in the Taproom.
  • Discover the history of Tom Crean.

Whether you're a fan of Tom Crean, the Antartic, local craft beers, or just on the hunt for a unique experience this is just the thing for you!


Explore the expanding brewery as well as the secrets behind the brewing process. Choose from a pint or a three glass tasting paddle to sample the variety of brews available in the Taproom. The brewery is home to special memorabilla and imagery honouring Tom Crean while also making the attraction a cool place to tour and relax.


Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn about owners Bill and Aileen's South Georgia centenary expedition and the training behind it all. The family attempted to replicate Crean's 800 mile venture creating memories worth sharing. The tour highlights the interesting facts and history shared between the explorers as well as the inviting atmosphere which brings the location to life.

  • Tour duration 1 hour.
Trip Advisor

"The passion for what they do and have achieved is just so uplifting, their experiences and their skills made the visit so worthwhile." - Banrion. May 2022

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