Glendalough Musical Walking Tour

What can I expect
  • Enjoy a dreamy tour of Glendalough.
  • Listen to traditional tales and tunes.
  • Gain views of the Round Tower.
  • Experience a mellow walking tour.
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Enjoy the perfect blend of Irish history and culture as you visit the monastic site of Glendalough in county Wicklow. While listening to significant stories that surround the Round Tower and St Kevin's Kitchen, the mellow traditional tunes of Ireland will set scenes and bring landmarks to life.

This walking tour adventure is led by an expert guide and musician who creates a magical atmosphere making the outdoor activity more special.

Discover the tales of past kings and noblemen who travelled from near and far to learn an assortment of craftmanship's joined by peaceful sounds from the fiddle.

It is a dreamy experience that never fails to stand out among many as passions and talents are combined.

Trip Advisor

"Charlie was amazing, very funny and interactive, but the best part was the music by the lake. Would recommend to absolutely everyone!" - Pelayin. Jun 2023

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