Street Art Ink - Cultural Quarter Walking Tour

What can I expect
  • Learn hidden and inspirational stories.
  • Admire significant buildings and artwork.
  • Travel along a vibrant trail.
  • Explore the regenerated side of Waterford city.
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Starting at the Clock Tower you'll cover a range of 25 creative pieces while learning about the artists and their hidden muses. Each mural tells a different story and represents something special. It is a modern and memorable way to experience one of Ireland's most unique cities.

The walking tour uncovers significant and cultural buildings and landmarks including Ireland's oldest pub, the Garter Lane Theatre, underground cellars and plenty more. As you join expert guides, you'll learn interesting and local facts throughout the adventure which bring each location to life.

Every corner in Waterford city proposes a new discovery and the Cultural Quarter Tour highlights the area in a creative way. The walking tour follows a special trail at a steady pace for visitors to enjoy.

  • Starting point - Clock Tower, the Quay.
  • Finishing point - Phoenix Food Yard, O Connell Street.
  • Advised to pack rain gear.
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