Kavanaghs Bar Freshford Hurling Experience

What can I expect
  • Explore the fundamentals of an ancient sport.
  • Follow in the steps of the Kilkenny Cats.
  • Fall in love with Irish culture.
  • Develop new skills and techniques.

In Freshford, visitors are given the opportunity to truly indulge in an authentic experience at Kavanagh's Pub. Nestled in the heart of Kilkenny, the traditional style bar welcomes guests to experience a variety of local traditions and culture in an unforgettable setting.

Start with an introduction into the rules and background of the sport with knowledgeable coaches. Once the fundamentals are covered the group will hit the green space and put the theory into practise. From hand-passing to ground-strokes, visitors will learn the necessary moves and tricks that are needed to hurl!


Once the tour is finished the group will return inside and gain a glimpse into the crafting process surrounding the famous ash stick. Coaches will also give an overview of the of the hurley and players preferences, from this visitors will discover personal and passionate aspects of hurling.

The upbeat atmosphere will continue as a traditional musician performs while guests enjoy some finger food. Overall, the tour represents an authentic Irish experience that never fails to amaze tourists.


Trip Advisor

"A truly unique experience that will be a top highlight of our vacation to Ireland. James also took great photos and videos so we can show our teenagers when we return to the United States." - Stefanie L. Oct 2023

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